Geophysical results – Valuable documents increase the efficiency of basic geological investigation, mineral assessment

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         As a reputable and capable unit in implementing geophysical tasks, in 2021, the Geophysical Division (General Department of Geology and Minerals of Vietnam, MONRE) has achieved very valuable results in the performance of professional tasks.

    Although the implementation of these missions is still slow due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and many other objective reasons, the products of the geophysical measurement, mineral investigation and assessment missions are still slow. Production, engineering geological investigation, geological environment have confirmed the effectiveness of the system of modern geophysical equipment and professional technical staff of the Federation.

         The results of geophysical measurements have been proven in the projects that the Federation presides over and coordinates with other units, and is a valuable source of documents for effective investigation and assessment. mineral prices, engineering geological research, geological environment.

         In particular, the results of geophysical measurements are carried out in the component projects of the project: “General investigation of minerals and completion of the geological map of 1:50,000 scale in the Northwest region The planning service for socio-economic sustainable development” has clearly identified structural factors related to ore mineralization, development scale of mineralized zones containing ore, good orientation for drilling work and steps to take. next construction. The obtained results continue to affirm the position of the Geophysical Division as well as the geophysics major in the investigation and assessment of minerals, especially deep-hidden minerals.

         In addition to the above tasks, the Federation also performs tasks using scientific and technological career capital. In particular, the projects ending in 2021 have completed products of very high scientific and practical significance.

Outstanding is the result of the project: “Research, selection and application of seismic properties to process and interpret coal identification in the Ba River basin”. The authors have studied the nature of seismic properties, studied processing software to select seismic properties, and studied the difference between coal-containing and non-coal-containing sets to choose. attributes capable of identifying coal and applying those attributes on seismic data. Collectively, the authors have built a method system to determine the signs of existence (sets/grows) of coal according to seismic properties, and built a geological model of coal seams on Song Ba basin.

        The results of seismic measurements have determined that the Song Ba basin has a depth of more than 2000m to the bottom, which has the potential to contain coal minerals. This is also an important premise for geologists to continue to study the potential of other minerals in the Song Ba basin area.

       Mr. Lai Manh Giau – Federation Chief of Geophysical Division emphasized that the Song Ba basin needs to continue to be studied in more detail and needs to have some deep drilling holes to confirm the potential of coal and other minerals. such as uranium, gas…

Depth measurement method from Tellua
Excitation electrodeposition imaging depth method

(Source: Journal of Natural Resources and Environment, issue of Xuan Nham Dan – 2002, page 100)


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