Technical Department

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                                                TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT 

Mr Nguyen Van Sang

Deputy Head of Technical Department (2019- present)


Staff of the Technical Department.


The Engineering – Planning Department was merged from two departments: the Engineering Department and the Planning Department. In 2018, the functions, duties, powers and organizational structure were redefined, now the Technical Department.

Leadership over the years includes:

Mr: Quach Kim Chu – Head of Technical Department (1977-1982)

Mr: Nguyen Ba Ngan – Head of Technical Department (1982-1986)

Mr: Nguyen Tai Thinh – Head of Technical Department (1986-2002)

Mr: Do Tu Chung – Head of Technical Department (2002-2005)

Mr: Nguyen Duy Tieu – Head of Technical Department (2005-2012)

Mr: Nguyen Van Suu – Head of Technical Department (2012-2014)

Mr: Nguyen Duc Tho – Head of Planning Department (1979 – 1982)

Mr: Vu Xuan Man – Head of Planning Department (1983-2007)

Mr: Vu Van Hoa – Head of Planning Department (2010-2014)

Mr: Nguyen Van Suu – Head of Technical Department (2014 – 2022)

The Technical Department under the Federation of Geophysics has the functions, powers, and organizational structure specified in the Decision No. 93/QD-VLDC dated March 30, 2018 of the Geophysics Federation.

I. Position and function:

The Technical Department is an organization in the assisting apparatus of the Union Leader with the function of assisting the Union Leader in technical management, planning, norms and estimation of geological investigation, mineral prospecting, research and development activities. science and technology and other geological service activities of the Federation; investment in capital construction, procurement and repair of assets under the management of the Federation.

II. Duties and powers:

1. Coordinating with professional divisions and affiliated units in formulating long-term, 5-year and annual plans; propose to open new missions, research programs, geological investigation and mineral exploration projects.

2. Make an estimate schedule (Table 04) of annual tasks, detailed cost estimates according to the factors of production tasks in the year, and submit them to the Federation for approval; decide to assign the plan, assignment sheet, contract assignment schedule and internal contract settlement to the affiliated divisions to submit to the Federation for consideration.

2. Formulate, direct and supervise the progress, volume, quality and technique of reports, schemes, projects, science and technology topics, reports on geological investigation, mineral prospecting , scientific and technological reports, scientific and technical cooperation, application of scientific and technological advances…

3. Organizing, guiding, inspecting and supervising the technical and progress of all production tasks of the Federation in order to assess the correctness of the implementation of the assigned plan and the targets. ordinance, technical criteria, methods, quality and efficiency of construction work.

4. Confirming the legitimacy of documents, product quality of geological-geophysical engineering projects and reports. Proposing reasonable technical solutions to improve the geological efficiency of projects, geological reports, scientific and technological research topics. Assist project managers in making submissions for adjustment of technical methods of projects, topics and reports when deemed necessary.

5. Determine the legitimacy and rationality of plan documents, necessary economic measures and solutions in the year to adjust the plan, schedule 04 and the adjusted cost estimate for submission to competent authorities for approval.

6. Summarize the quarterly and annual production situation on the basis of reports of the units to make reports, evaluate the results of the implementation of the Federation’s plan and write a 6-month preliminary and summary report , every year….

7. Synthesis of research results on geophysics and geology as a basis for new open planning work… orienting the investigation and assessment of mineral resources by territory, structural zone and mineral form produce.

8. To assume the prime responsibility for researching, implementing and participating in the elaboration of processes, norms, standards and economic and technical norms on geophysical work.

9. Research, update and apply scientific and technological advances to production, participate in training and transfer of new technologies.

10. Develop the international cooperation program of the Federation, plan to organize the delegation, invite foreign expert partners to work and exchange cooperation in the field of tasks of the Federation.

11. Monitor and manage all assets of the Federation in kind. Making plans for maneuvering geophysical machinery and equipment in accordance with production requirements and construction plans of other geological schemes, topics, projects and service contracts; assume the prime responsibility for and coordinate with relevant specialized departments to plan and carry out legal procedures for procurement of machines, equipment and other assets of the Federation.

12. To assume the prime responsibility for the work related to the basic construction tasks of the Federation.

13. Secretary of the grassroots level acceptance council of the Federation; organize pre-examination of results of implementation of geological steps of the whole project, geological report, scientific and technological research topic; Confirm the necessary and sufficient conditions of the above inspection contents to submit to the chairman of the acceptance council to organize an acceptance conference.

14. Manage and archive technical and economic documents according to current regulations.

15. Organize the implementation of administrative reform according to the administrative reform program and plan of the Department.

16. Perform other tasks assigned by the Union Leader.

III. Organizational structure

The Technical Department has 07 officials and employees, including 01 female, 06 male; Qualification Master: 04; Engineer: 02; Bachelor 01;

1. The leader of the Technical Department has a Head and no more than 02 Deputy Heads of the Department.

The Head of the Division is responsible before the Federation Head and before the law for the activities of the Division; sign documents providing professional guidance according to assigned functions and tasks and other documents as decentralized and authorized by the Federation Head; promulgate internal regulations of the department.

The Deputy Head of the Department assists the Head of the Department and is responsible before the Head and the law for the assigned field of work.

Officers and employees are responsible for the performance of duties assigned by the Head of the Department.

2. The department’s payroll is decided by the Federation Chief on the basis of the functions and tasks assigned to specific job titles, working in accordance with the State’s regulations and the Union’s working regulations.

Over the years, the department has performed well the tasks according to its function. In addition to keeping records on technical work, plans, inspection and acceptance, the Department also organizes well management of scientific research results, outlines, summary reports of tasks, projects and a library with thousands of valuable geophysics books… Besides ensuring the quality of technical work, inspection and acceptance of professional tasks… The Technical Department also organizes and participates in training create, guide and direct the construction of projects, projects and topics throughout the Federation. The efforts of the technical staff of the Department have made an important contribution to the Federation to successfully complete the research and production tasks assigned by their superiors.

Source: Geophysical Division./.


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