Organizational structure

Union Leaders

1. The Geophysics Federation’s leadership has the Federation Chief and Deputy Heads of the Federation. The number of Deputy Heads of the Federation shall comply with the provisions of law.

2. The General Manager of the Federation of Geophysics is responsible to the Director and the law for all activities of the Federation; promulgate internal regulations and regulations of the unit.

3. The Deputy Head of the Confederation shall assist the Confederation Chief, take responsibility before the Head and the law for the field of work assigned by the Confederation.

Apparatus to assist the Union Leader

1. Organization – Administration Department.

2. Technical Department

3. Department of Planning and Finance

Units affiliated to the Federation

4. Aviation Geophysical Union; Headquarter in Hanoi city.

5. Ground Geophysical Union; Headquarters in Hanoi city.

6. Marine Geophysics Team; Headquarters in Hanoi city.

7. Geophysical Machine Testing and Technology Center; Headquarters in Hanoi

Units from Clauses 4 to 7 of this Article have their own seals, do dependent accounting and are allowed to open accounts at the Bank in accordance with regulations.

The Head of the Federation of Geophysics and Geophysics shall submit to the Director General regulations on the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the unions and centers under the Federation; stipulates the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the divisions under the Federation.


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