Fire prevention training and practice in 2021

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Based on the training plan and practice plan for fire prevention, fighting and grassroots coordination in 2021 of the Geophysical Union, on December 25, 2021, the Geophysical Union in coordination with the Police Ha Dong District organizes fire prevention and fighting training and practice in 2021.

During the training session, the Fire Protection Instructor provided information about the current fire and explosion situation as well as the role of fire prevention and fighting work in the new period, a number of legal documents and the nature and principles of the work. Fire prevention and fighting, rescue, causes of fire, inspection of fire prevention and fighting safety at the facility, fire prevention measures, steps to handle when a fire occurs, skills to escape in a fire.

After the theoretical part, the trainees were instructed to use on-site fire extinguishing equipment, practice how to use powder extinguishers, CO2 cylinders to extinguish fires and how to quickly handle dangerous situations. possible occurrence, escape skills, fire-fighting measures in the event of a fire. At the same time, the Federation also coordinated with the Fire Prevention and Fighting force of Ha Dong District to organize fire drills in the hypothetical situation of a fire incident.

The organization of professional training on fire prevention and fighting and practice of fire fighting and rescue is an annual activity of the Federation. This is an opportunity for Union officials and employees to improve their understanding and sense of responsibility for fire prevention and fighting activities, thereby being proactive in fire prevention and fighting work, ready to respond if a fire or explosion situation occurs.

Source: Geophysical Division./.


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