Propaganda in response to World Environment Day (June 5), World Oceans Day (June 8) 2023

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I. World Environment Day, Action Month for the Environment 2023.

World Environment Day June 5, 2023 was launched by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) with the theme “Solutions to Plastic Pollution”, which focuses on implementing the campaign ” Beat Plastic Pollution” (Beat Plastic Pollution).

According to UNEP’s assessment, environmental pollution from plastic waste is becoming the most pressing problem facing countries around the world. Every year, around 400 million tons of plastic are produced around the world, half of which is designed to be used only once, less than 10% is recycled. It is estimated that between 19 and 23 million tons are discharged into lakes, rivers and seas every year. Microplastics are small plastic particles that get into food, water and the air. It is estimated that each person on the planet may receive more than 50,000 plastic particles each year. Discarded or burned disposable plastic harms human health, polluting ecosystems, from mountain tops to ocean bottoms.

Over the past years, Vietnam has been implementing many mechanisms, strategies, policies and projects to reduce plastic waste and protect the environment, typically the Law on Environmental Protection 2020 has added regulations. on the reduction, reuse, recycling and treatment of plastic waste; limit the use of single-use plastic products and non-biodegradable plastic bags; encourage the production of environmentally friendly products to replace traditional plastic products.

Therefore, the theme of World Environment Day 2023 aims to strongly convey the message of building a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature; rational use of natural resources, biodiversity and adaptation to climate change; control and solve plastic waste pollution through policies and initiatives and participate in global and regional cooperation mechanisms; towards a greener, cleaner lifestyle; increase recycling and reuse; promote the building of a green economy, circular economy and sustainable development; effectively implement the policy against plastic waste.

II. World Oceans Day, Vietnam Seas and Islands Week.

World Oceans Day (June 8 every year) is adopted by the United Nations to show solidarity, connecting people all over the world with the goal of conservation and sustainable development of seas and oceans.

In 2023, the theme of World Oceans Day was launched by the United Nations “Planet Ocean: Tides are Changing”, with the meaning that Oceans cover most of the Earth, but only a small fraction of the seas have been discovered. Although, human life depends on the ocean, but the ocean is receiving only a small part of our attention. However, everything on Earth is changing, both on land and in the vast, deep oceans. Humanity needs to act together, cherish and protect the ocean as well as our entire blue planet.

Implement the Law on natural resources and environment of sea and islands as well as guidelines, policies and laws on management, exploitation, efficient and sustainable use of natural resources, and environmental protection of sea and islands. Natural Resources and Environment launched the theme of Vietnam Sea and Islands Week (June 1 – 8) in 2023 “Sustainably exploiting and using resources, protecting the environment of sea and islands”.

                                                                                    Source: MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENT./.


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