Training and Practicing coordinated fire prevention and fighting plans at the facility in 2023

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    In order to help officials, employees and workers at the Geophysics Division to master legal documents on fire prevention, fighting and rescue, equip them with knowledge about fire, explosion and measures to handle fire and explosion incidents. On November 22, 2023, the Fire Prevention and Rescue Police Department of Ha Dong District Police organized a training course on fire prevention and fighting skills for officials, employees and workers.

Participating in the training class were 25 people who were members of the grassroots fire prevention and fighting team and officials and workers of the Union who were informed by officers of the Fire Prevention and Fighting Police Department and rescue officers of Ha Dong District Police. Change the content to include:

Theoretical part: introduces the State’s legal documents on fire prevention and fighting and rescue, basic information about some large fires, causing serious damage to people and property. occurred nationwide and in the province recently. At the same time, propaganda officers imparted a lot of knowledge such as methods of building a mass movement to participate in fire prevention and fighting, procedures for organizing fire rescue, practices for preserving and using vehicles and equipment. fire prevention and fighting equipment, methods of organizing fire safety inspection at the facility, standards regulating the inspection, maintenance, and maintenance of technical equipment of fire alarm and extinguishing systems fire, how to use fire alarm app 114….

Practical part: officers, employees and workers of the Union were instructed by officers of the Fire Prevention and Rescue Police Department on how to use fire extinguishers to extinguish gas cylinders and how to escape in a fire. , how to use some common fire-fighting means.

With a duration of 01 day, officers and employees of the Federation listened and seriously absorbed the knowledge and experience that the officers of the Fire Prevention, Fighting and Rescue Police Department imparted and guided. , contributing to completing the goal of ensuring fire safety at the facility.

Video of the basic fire prevention and fighting practice session of the Geophysics Division:

                                                                                                                                      Source: Geophysical Division./.


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