Aviation geophysics work

– In 1961-1964, the survey flight from the aeronautical scale was completed at the rate of 1/20,000 of the whole North Vietnam;

– In 1983-1992 completed the survey flight from the air over the whole South Vietnam. Flight data from aeronautics were used to create a map of the Vietnamese aviation field at the scale of 1:500,000 (1995) and edited and published at the scale of 1/100.000 in 1998;

– Completing 17 projects of search flight with scale of 1/25,000 and 1/50,000, covering an area of ​​​​> 90,000 km2.

Gravity drawing work

– 1985 completed the national gravity field map of 1/500.000 scale. In the Red River Delta and the South, the scale of 1/200.000 has been measured for the purpose of oil and gas investigation;

– Evaluation of endogenous minerals (presumptive type) of geophysical anomalies through identification methods;

– Detect and classify hidden magma blocks as a premise to search for related minerals according to the laws of mineralization;

– Detecting and determining the structural parameters of the fault systems as a premise for the identification of locations that are likely to form ore;

– Detect and determine the characteristic parameters of variable zones closely related to different types of minerals;

– Establish a geological map from the point of view of geophysics on the basis of the physical parameters of the rock and the geophysical field specific to each geological formation.

Geophysical work on the ground

Through the results of processing, synthetic analysis of flight documents, we have selected to examine in detail dozens of anomalous clusters, of which on many anomalous clusters have discovered minerals, have evaluated at different levels and scales. There are places where mines have been discovered and exploited (Fluorite-Xuan Lanh, Vang-Son Hoa, Magnesite-Kong Queng….)

Shallow sea geophysics work

– 1993 to 1997, the survey was carried out on an area of ​​52,000 km2  (16,000 km of geophysical lines) at a scale of 1:500,000 along the coast at depths from 0  30m  of water from Da Nang to Mong Cai and from Ha Tien to Ca Mau.

Research environmental geophysics, hydrogeology, engineering geology and geologic hazards Conducting environmental geophysical surveys for a series of urban areas and cities such as: Da Nang-Hoi An (1992-1994), Dien Bien-Son La (1993-1994), Hue-Dong Ha-Dong Hoi ( 1995-1996), Vinh-Thanh Hoa (1995-1996), Central Highlands (2001), Nha Trang-Cam Ranh-Phan Thiet (2006)… In addition, the Federation cooperated with other units to conduct geographical surveys. Environmental physics in Lao Cai-Yen Bai, Hanoi-Hai Phong, Tan An-My Tho-Ben Tre, Tay Ninh-Thu Dau Mot, Tra Vinh-Vinh Long…

Applied geophysical research

– Research and apply new technological advances in geophysical machines and equipment, technology for collecting, processing, analyzing and presenting geophysical documents in order to not only improve efficiency and accuracy accuracy of geophysical methods in solving geological tasks is increasingly difficult and complex;

– Research and experiment to select a reasonable combination of geophysical methods in order to effectively search for different types of minerals in different geological conditions;

– Research to expand the scope of application of geophysical methods in fields that have not yet been applied, in order to expand the operation area of ​​the Federation, create conditions for the development and improve the role and effectiveness of the Federation. geophysical methods;

– Synthesize, analyze and interpret geophysical documents at a high level by using new, powerful, advanced and versatile systems of processing and analysis programs to fully exploit geophysical information. physics in elucidating territorial and regional geological structures and mineral prospect assessment.

Rewards received

– Third-class Labor Medal for Aircraft Geophysics Union in 1984;

– Third-class Labor Medal for Geophysics Federation and 79th Geophysical Union in 1985;

– Second-class Labor Medal for Geophysics Federation in 2016;

– The Government awarded the Certificate of Merit to the Geological Physics Federation in 2013;

– The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment awarded the Flag of the leading unit in the emulation movement to the Geological Physics Federation in 2013, 2014 and 2016;

– The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment awarded the Certificate of Merit to the Geological Physics Federation in 2014, 2015;

– The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment awarded the Certificate of Merit to the Center for Applied Geophysics Research in 2012, 2013;

– Many fish were awarded the title of Hero of Labor, Certificate of Merit from the Government, Emulation Soldier at ministerial level, Certificate of Merit at ministerial level and hundreds of times of Emulation Soldier at grassroots level.

– The Union Party Committee continuously achieves strong and clean standards; Organization of Trade Union, Union, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union always achieve “strong and excellent”.


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