Acceptance of implementation results in 2019 Ministerial-level science and technology project, code: TNMT.2018.03.15

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On September 13, 2019, the Geophysical division held a Council to evaluate and accept the results of the performance of work items in 2019 with the topic “Research using earth gravity data, combined with Gravity data measured directly at sea to build a database of gravity anomalies on gravimetric non-flyable areas in Vietnamese waters” code TNMT.2018.03.15 by Master of Geophysics Nguyen Thi Lua is in charge. Implementing unit: Aeronautical Geophysics Team.

This is the second year of implementing this project, the results of the project after completion will establish a combination of methods for synthesizing and processing data on Earth’s gravity and “gravity” measured directly at sea” to “build data”. Gravity anomaly data on the research area in Vietnamese waters, and at the same time building a database and software application to manage and exploit gravity field data on the research area in Vietnamese waters.

(Some pictures of the acceptance test of the topic):

                                                                                                                                   Source: Geophysical Division./.





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