Organization and Administration

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                                                              Assisting apparatus

                                                  Organization and Administration

nguyen-thi-hong-minh                                             Ms Nguyen Thi Hong Minh                                                                  Deputy Head of Organization and Administration Department (2016 – present)

Current officers and employees of the Organization and Administration Department


The Organization and Administration Department was merged from two departments: the Labor Organization Department and the Administration Department.

Leadership through the ages includes:

Mr Dinh Bang – Head of Organization Department (1975-1983)

Mr Nguyen Tien Hung – Head of Organization Department (1983-1986)

Mr Tran Xuan Thu – Head of Organization and Labor Department (1987-2002)

Mr Tran Anh Duong – Deputy Head of the Department of Organization and Labor (2003-2004)

Mr Nguyen Nhu Nhung – Head of Organization and Labor Department (2004-2010)

Mr Tran Xuong – Head of Administration (1976-1978)

Mr Hoang Ba Ky – Head of Administration Department (1979-1989)

Mr Le Van Tam – Head of Administration Department (1989-1990)

Mr Tran Ngoc Tru – Head of Administration (1990 – 2011)

Mr Tran Van Dao – Head of Administration – Chief of Office (2011-2014)

Ms Nguyen Thi Kim Phuong – Head of Organization and Labor Department (2011-2015)

Mr Tran Van Dao –  Head of Organization and Administration Department (2015 – 2020)

The Organization and Administration Department under the Geophysical Division has the functions, powers, and organizational structure specified in the Decision No. 91/QD-VLDC dated March 30, 2018 of the Geophysical Division matter

I. Position and function:

The Department of Organization and Administration is an organization under the Geophysical Dvision, which has the function of assisting the Federation Chief in managing the organization, staff, labor and salary, inspection, and settlement of complaints and denunciations. , security, national defense, internal political protection, labor safety, training; organize the implementation, guidance and implementation of policies and regimes for employees; carry out the work of synthesizing information and the general operation of the Federation; perform administrative work, clerical work, archive and protect the safety of the Federation agency.

II. Duties and powers:

1. Develop and submit to the Union Leader projects on the organization of the management apparatus; defining the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the units and departments under the Federation; develop rules and regulations for working in the agency.

2. To submit to the Chief Confederation to set up groups and teams for a limited time to perform professional tasks.

3. Assist the Union Leader in the appointment and dismissal of cadres; manage and retain employee records according to current regulations.

4. Make a plan and allocate the salary fund on the basis of the assigned annual plan tasks. Monitor the payment and distribution of salary funds at the units under the Federation.

5. Implement policies such as: salary increase, rank change, rank increase, promotion to professional titles of public employees every year for officials and employees in the Federation; carry out the procedures for the examination to raise the salary level and the promotion of professional titles of public employees according to the regulations of the superiors.

6. Manage and monitor the labor increase and decrease. Implement the labor recruitment regime in accordance with the regulations of the State, of all levels and the internal regulations of the Federation. Building job titles and labor allocation.

7. Carry out inspection, examination and consideration and settlement of complaints, denunciations and petitions of employees under the direction of the Union Head. Manage and monitor training to improve qualifications and skills for employees.

8. Implement policies on social insurance for employees, retirement and sickness regimes, payment of sick wages and leave according to the regime, management of Social Insurance, regular relations with social insurance to solve related jobs.

9. Summarize places to register for medical examination and treatment, purchase and issue annual health insurance cards for employees. Monitor workers’ health; register for periodic health check-ups and occupational diseases for employees;

10. Monitor and summarize the general operation of the Federation. Summarize the production situation, write preliminary and annual reports.

11. Organize the implementation of administrative reform according to the administrative reform program and plan of the General Department.

12. Organize the implementation of the agency’s defense and security policy in accordance with the regulations on direct management and direction of the Military Command of Thanh Xuan District.

13. In charge of occupational safety of the Federation.

14. Perform administrative, administrative, clerical and archival duties of the Federation.

15. Manage and operate computer systems, internet, Website, photocopiers, fax machines, assigned cars… serving office work and transactions of the Federation with agencies relevant.

16. Performing service work: conferences, receptions and receptions of the Federation; Manage and clean the halls, meeting rooms and leadership rooms of the Federation; In charge of cleaning and sanitizing the work area of ​​the agency, ensuring a clean, tidy and civilized office environment.

17. Manage land records, public works, workplaces in Van Quan, La Khe and Luong Son sample warehouses according to the provisions of the Land Law.

18. Develop an annual program of emulation and review content; guide implementation units; propose titles and rewards according to regulations.

19. Organize and assign standing forces to protect the agency 24h/24h. Arrange a place to park motorbikes, bicycles and cars for officials, employees and visitors to contact on business; In charge of electricity and water services for production and daily life of the agency. Carry out the fire prevention and fighting work of the agency in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Fire Prevention and Fighting.

20. Participating in the council for acceptance of geological steps, projects on geological investigation and prospecting for minerals.

21. Perform tasks related to the work of the Office of the Party Committee and the Trade Union Office.

22. Perform other tasks assigned by the Federation Chief.

III. Organizational structure

The Organization and Administration Department has 13 officers, employees and employees. Including 06 female, 07 male. Qualification: Master: 01; Bachelor: 06; Intermediate: 01; Staff: 05.

1. The head of the Organization and Administration Department has a Head and no more than 02 Deputy Heads.

The Head of the Division is responsible before the Federation Head and before the law for the activities of the Division; sign documents providing professional guidance according to assigned functions and tasks and other documents as decentralized and authorized by the Federation Chief; promulgate internal regulations of the department.

The Deputy Head of the Department assists the Head of the Department and is responsible before the Head and the law for the assigned field of work.

Officers and employees are responsible for the performance of duties assigned by the Head of the Department.

2. The department’s payroll is decided by the Federation Chief on the basis of the functions and tasks assigned to specific job titles, working in accordance with the regulations of the State and the working regulations of the Federation.

Over the years, the department has performed well the tasks according to its function. The room is the place to keep records of organization work, party work and the system of legal documents of all levels…. Ensuring security, labor safety, salary regimes, insurance of all kinds… for the whole Union.

                                                                                                                                   Source: Geophysical Division./.


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