Propaganda in response to Law Day of the Socialist Republic of VietNam

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Vietnam Law Day has been permeated in life, becoming an important political – legal event of the country.


1. Respect the Constitution and the law.

2. Building beliefs, feelings and attitudes in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the law.

3. Upholding human values, building character, creating the sustainability of the sense of law, discipline and permission of the country.

4. To improve the effectiveness of law formulation, dissemination and education and law enforcement, to meet the requirements of building a state ruled by law of the people, by the people, for the people.

5. Towards building a legal culture.


      On November 9, 1946, the first Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam was promulgated. After the 1946 Constitution, our country had a 1959 Constitution, a 1980 Constitution and a 1992 Constitution with constitutional ideas, democratic values, human rights, citizenship, ideology and organizational model. The state organization of the people, by the people and for the people recognized in the 1946 Constitution is always a red thread throughout all Constitutions and the entire legal system of our country. Therefore, according to the Government’s proposal, November 9 – the date of promulgation of the 1946 Constitution is determined to be the Law Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (hereinafter referred to as Law Day); was officially codified in the Law on Law Dissemination of Legal Education 2012. Article 8 of the Law on Legal Education Dissemination of 2012 stipulates: “November 11 every year is the Law Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Male. Law Day is held to honor the Constitution and the law, and to educate everyone in the society about the sense of rule of law”.

          Thus, after the Constitution’s provisions on National Day, we have a law stipulating a political and legal event to be held annually – Law Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam , 9/11 every year.

          According to the provisions of the Law on popularization and legal education, Law Day is held to honor the Constitution and the law, and at the same time increase people’s awareness about the role of law in life, strengthen the legal knowledge and ability to enforce the law in State management activities, socio-economic activities and people’s daily activities. Through Law Day to help organizations and individuals have a better sense of compliance with the law, it is an opportunity to re-evaluate the achieved results and limitations in law building and enforcement activities; is an opportunity to organize many activities to popularize and educate the law for the community through different ways. Law enforcers will also receive feedback, opinions on all legal provisions as well as the implementation and effectiveness of the legal system on social life; improve the legal system, as well as improve and enhance the operation of the judicial system.

    Law Day arouses in all individuals a sense of their responsibilities, duties and rights when participating in activities of political and social life. Therefore, Law Day has a profound educational significance in upholding the value of law in the Rule of Law, directing all organizations and individuals to actively participate in the right behavior and attitude of handling the law. properly, uphold the rights as well as responsibilities and obligations of individuals in studying, understanding the law and voluntarily obeying the law.

                                                                                                          Source: Synthesis./.


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