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1. Functions: GAMMASURVEYOR is gamma spectrometer serving for geological investigation of minerals, mineral exploration and assessment; Investigation and assessment of radioactive environment.

2. Manufactured by: GF Instruments, s.r.o., Czech Republic

3.Year of production: 2010

4. Webiste:


Control Unit:

  • Works with all types of probes
  • Attached to the small handheld probe forms a compact instrument
  • Possibility of connection of more probes, GPS receiver, PC (USB)
  • Data memory: max. 32 MBit, max . 100 files

o 100 000 measured points (dose rate continuous mode)

o 58 000 measured points (dose rate)

o 1800 measured points (full spectra & assay)

  • Graphical LCD display 320×240, white backlight
  • Combined keyboard (mobile phone style), 19 keys
  • Acoustic signalization
  • Power supply from internal exchangeable battery pack (lithiumion) or external power supply 12V (6-14V, AC adapter and cable for car socket supply included in standard accessories)
  • Integrated fully automatic intelligent battery charger activated by external 12 V source connection
  • Possibility of firmware upgrade via Internet
  • Dimensions: 256 x 90 (145) x 60 mm
  • Weight: 0.5 kg


  • Compact handheld or combined for surface and borehole measurements
  • 512 channels, max. 250 000 pulses per second 49 GAMMA Surveyor
  • Measuring range 100keV to 3MeV / NaI(Tl) detector 150keV to 3MeV / BGO detector • Zero dead time
  • Detectors: NaI(Tl), BGO, volumes 21.2 in3 (0.35 l) and 6.3 in3 (0.1 l), or other ones on request
  • For enlargement of the detection volume and thus achievement of a more precise and faster measurement it is possible to connect more probes (of the same type, if possible) to the control unit. It is not necessary to recalibrate the probes for this purpose.
  • Multi-grade automatic stabilization of the peak position.
  • Stabilization using built-in or external reference source 137Cs, possibly natural isotope K.
  • All probes can work in modes with internal, external reference source or using natural isotope.
  • The probes are supplied from the control unit (no charging of the probes).
  • All calibration data are stored in the probe and a user can create two more user defined calibrations. • Possibility of firmware upgrade via Internet
  • Height of the detector centre above the surface: o 40 mm (handheld probe) o 66 mm (2″ combined probe) o 79 mm (3″ combined probe)
  • Dimensions of probes: o 90 x 120(90) x 290 mm, height with the handle 180 mm (handheld probe) o Ø70 x 420 mm (2″ combined probe) o Ø100 x 420 mm (3″ combined probe) 50 GAMMA Surveyor
  • Weights: 1.6 kg (handheld probe)
  • 6. Some projects used this equipment by Geophysical Division

– Preliminary survey / Detailed survey airborne geophysical anomalous clusters of the projects magnetic – gamma spectrum airborne survey at scale 1 / 50,000 and gravitational measurement at scale 1 / 100,000.

– Detailed assessment of natural radioactive polluted areas in the Northwest of Vietnam to notify the People’s Committees of provinces to coordinate planning and implementing necessary measures to minimize the harm to humans.

– Building the maps of natural radioactive environment at the scale of 1 / 250,000 for the entire territory of Vietnam – Phase I (2011-2015): for a number of main areas.

– Building the maps of natural radioactive environment at the scale of 1 / 250,000 for the entire territory of Vietnam – Phase II (2018 – 2022) for northern border and coastal provinces.

And many other works.

Source: Geophysical Division./.


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